Before you purchase a new residence, it's wise to hire a home inspector who can help ensure it’s structurally sound. At Case Home Inspections, we’re proud to assist residents throughout Anne Arundel County and the surrounding areas in the purchase of their new home.

Pre-Listing Inspections

Are you selling your home? Are you a home flipper looking to move your home fast? Let an InterNACHI Certified Professional Inspector® inspect it before you even list it. A Move-In Certified™ home has been pre-inspected, which means that the seller can confirm that there are no major systems in need of immediate repair or replacement, and no known safety hazards. A Move-In Certified™ Seller Inspection informs you of any defects or problems with your home so that you can address them before prospective buyers discover them. You can then take the time you need to obtain reasonable repair estimates. Show prospective buyers that you are dealing in good faith. Avoid 11th-hour negotiations and delays, and justify your full asking price by having your home pre-inspected now.

The inspection reports are hosted on  Ask the listing agent or seller for access to view.

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When it comes to the health of your family or employees, you can't afford to take chances. So when it comes to radon, it's imperative that you get answers. Exposure to radon can result in a number of serious health issues. And while older homes and buildings are more likely to fall victim to radon problems, those who work or reside in newer structures are also at risk. At Case Home Inspections, we offer comprehensive radon inspections and tests designed to give you the answers you need and the peace of mind you deserve.

Don't Take Chances

At Case Home Inspections, we believe that you shouldn't have to compromise when it comes to safety. That's why we provide thorough, comprehensive radon inspections and tests. We're committed to helping our customers create safe working and living environments. And when you come to us, you can rest assured that we'll never gloss over details or cut corners while inspecting your property for radon.

Protect yourself and those around you with radon inspection services from Case Home Inspections. Call today for more information and to schedule an appointment.

International Association of Certified Indoor Air Consultants 


IAC2 is the non-profit, certifying body for home and building inspectors who have fulfilled certain educational requirements including those in the areas of indoor air quality and water testing.

Indoor air/water quality issues include Mold, Radon, Biologicals, Carbon Monoxide, Formaldehyde, Pesticides, Asbestos, Bacteria and Lead.

IAC2 Certified consultants have fulfilled the following minimum requirements:

IAC2 Certified consultants are all members in good standing of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) which is the largest inspection association in the world with strict membership requirements.

IAC2 Certified consultants have all completed at least one additional IAC2-approved course.


Mold Testing

Did you know mold can cause more than musty smells in your home?  If you or your children are with unexplained wheezing, chest tightness, or breathing difficulties, it may be because you have a mold infestation.  Let Case Home Inspections complete a mold inspection and put your mind at ease.


Yearly Maintenance Inspection

If you are not in the market to sell your home but want to make sure your home stays in tip top shape call us today and schedule a Home Maintenance Inspection. We will give you a comprehensive inspection on the major components of your home. While onsite we will inspect the roof and gutter systems, Grading and drainage, HVAC system, Main Electric Panel, Hot water heater, and your foundation. We will discuss with you our findings and possible remedies to issues we discover. You will get a detailed digital report after the inspection and upon request contacts to reliable contractors that may be able to address the issues found during the inspection.